1Friendly5 August 2022AwayBolton Futsal Club Women12.00pmLost 1-11
2League1 October 2022HomeLeicester Futsal Women3.00pmWon 12-3
3League29 October 2022HomeProject Futsal Liverpool Women3.00pmLost 2-19
4Friendly9 November 2022AwayUniversity Of York Ladies Futsal6.30pmWon 17-1
5League12 November 2022AwaySunderland University Women’s Futsal10.00amLost 5-10
6League19 November 2022AwayDerby Futsal Club Women4.55pmLost 1-7
7Friendly23 January 2023AwayUniversity Of York Ladies Futsal6.30pmWon 11-3
8League28 January 2023HomeDerby Futsal Club Women3.00pmLost 0-12
9League4 February 2023AwayLoughborough Students Futsal Club Women7.00pmWon 9-3
10League11 February 2023AwayLeicester Futsal Women12.30pmWon 7-4
11League18 February 2023HomeLoughborough Students Futsal Club Women3.00pmDrew 4-4
12Friendly25 February 2023AwayEast Coast Futsal Club Women11.00amLost 8-11
13Cup4 March 2023HomeEast Coast Futsal Club Women1.30pmWon 16-5
14Cup18 March 2023AwayEast Coast Futsal Club Women4.45pmLost 3-11
15League25 March 2023AwayWarrington Futsal Club Women10.00amWon 8-6
16League1 April 2023HomeSunderland University Women’s Futsal3.00pmCancelled
17League15 April 2023AwayProject Futsal Liverpool Women3.00pmWon 5-3
18League22 April 2023HomeWarrington Futsal Club Women5.00pmWon 10-4
19Cup6 May 2023HomeLondon Genesis Women’s Futsal2.00pmLost 4-4 (2-4 Pen)

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