In week seven of the futsal we had the girls trying to keep the ball off their partner while moving around the court. They had 4 safe zones in the corners, but they could stay in these areas for 5 seconds, or until another person entered the zone!

We then progressed onto three teams trying to collect as many balls from the centre of the court, and guarding them back in their own zones. They were supposed to go one player at a time from each team but pretty quickly all the teams resulted to cheating, with Mrs Collins and Mr Foster being some of the worst! We had other rules in place but they were pretty much ignored by all the players and it ended up a free for all. Friendly arguments ensued and Coach Chris ended up having to be more of a policeman than a referee, but at least everyone had big smiles on their faces and the competition was all in good spirit.

We finished the session with three teams swapping at regular intervals, so all the girls got lots of touches on the ball and time on the court. The players are improving each week and the smiles are getting bigger! Mrs Collins, Mr Foster and Coach Chris are really enjoying these sessions with the girls, so a big thank you from them all.

There are still places left in each hour, so why not beat the winter blues and play inside all year round?

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

We wanted to give the boys more actual game time this week, so after a warm up involving keeping the ball off your partner we moved straight into a full court match.

To stop the players blasting the ball in from all areas of the court, we limited them to shooting from within a marked area. The same player couldn’t score twice in a row and to make it even harder we only allowed goals scored with a one touch finish.

The final progression was that to score, every single player from your team had to be in the opposition’s half. This is really hard work as all your team has to be switched on, especially when you have a fast break. Several of the players became the ‘villains’ by being slow to get over the halfway line and they were constantly being ‘persuaded’ to get moving!

The boys are realising that futsal is a very physical game and the way to win is plenty of passing and movement. Some of the passages of play are very impressive, and we would love to see them play a proper match.

Player of the Week for the Girls was Ruby – her passing and movement is brilliant, and don’t get me started about her shooting, my hands are still stinging!


Player of the Week for the Boys was Kaan – a massive improvement since he first came, his confidence has grown 200% and he is even trying back heels and other skills, fantastic, well deserved!

Kaan Award

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