Well, we draw the curtain on a very mixed but thoroughly entertaining and exciting season. As per usual, we lost some players but we gained some absolute stars. A huge and heart felt thank you to each and every player who gave their all throughout this very difficult season, you were all amazing. To each and every parent, the club is nothing without you, your commitment is beyond belief, we run out of praise for you all. Let’s hope when we start again, this Covid thing is a behind us all and well can get back to some kind of normality.

Click here to see the images from the final session of the season

We had two U16 graduates this year – Hannah P and Niamh T. A huge thank you to them both for their amazing support over the last 4 years. You have both been fantastic supporters of the club and we will miss you each and every Sunday. But in good news, they have both committed to the ladies team, which is awesome!

The Class of 2021

Thank you to Anna W, Aria P, Ava C, Eva T, Florence N, Freya L, Irma L, Isabella L, Hattie F, Jean P, Livia G, Martha P, Naomi L, Olivia A, Sofia C, Alice P, Ava W, Clare I, Eleanor W, Elena R, Ellie P, Emma S, Emily-Sue T, Freya D, Hannah P, Helana C, Heather S, Katie H, Katie J, Madison P, Megan G, Mila L, Niamh Y, Sophie W, Poppy G and Ruby W.

Also very special thank yous to the following for their amazing support each and every week – Ruben, Paul, Katie, Kim and of course my fabulous wife Suzy, who without whom the club wouldn’t even exist.

Next week check back and see each day who were the various age group stars of the season, starting on Monday with the U10s.

Have a very safe and eventful summer, and will see you all in early September 2021.

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