PostWe started the summer term with the girls by doing a bit of ‘follow my leader’.  The girls all had a ball and were asked to dribble round.  Coach Chris held his hand in the air with a different number of fingers each time, and the girls had to copy him.  This made them lift their head often as well as make sure they didn’t run into each other!  To make it harder we reduced the size of the area.

We then moved to some 1v1 attacking with a goal to score in.  The players started opposite to each other with the goal at a right angle to them.  On the coaches’ command they ran to the ball and then tried to score.  Some of the girls took too long to try to score so we put a time limit of 5 seconds on each go.  This was then progressed to 1 attacker against 2 defenders, with the emphasis for the attacker to try to shoot as early as possible.  Special mention to Ruby who was excellent at this.

Finally we progressed onto 2v2 to see if the girls could use the confidence of beating a defender and shooting early, but with the help of another attacker.

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The boys’ session followed the same format, except we made the area they attacked bigger, so there was more space for them to use.  The boys realised that if they went at pace and kept at pace the defender or defenders had no time to recover.  We also got them to shoot when they had created a half chance and not to wait until they were just 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.  We progressed the boys from 1v1, 1v2, 2v2 and finally to 3v2 to see if they could still make sure they had a shot on target.

Being that it was the first session after the holidays and some players hadn’t touched a ball for over 3 weeks, the coaches expected first touches and passing to be a little off.  But that said everyone worked hard and some great goals, and saves by Mr Foster were seen.

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