The warm up tonight was a game of tag!  When the chaser tagged one of the runners, they joined hands and worked together to tag other runners.  Every time a runner was tagged, they joined on.  It is a great game to show how the chasers have to work together to cut off the space from the runners – just like futsal!

The main session tonight was working to press the ball when outnumbered.  Two squares were set up on opposite sides of the court and 4 players in each square, numbered 1 to 4.  Each square had a ball which they passed between themselves.  When a number was called that player sprinted to the opposite square and tried to win the ball back.

We worked on the moving player being composed when they entered the square, not just chasing the ball all over, and finally onto trying to force the ball to be played the way they wanted by the angle of their runs and body shape.  With the attacking players we worked on their communication and especially vision as the player arrived in the square – did they need to pass the ball immediately, could they wait or even travel to a safe area within the square.

These are all hard topics to get first time and the girls did really well with some great play all round, Coach Suzy was really impressed.

In the final match Katie missed a sitter then scored a cracker – your usual game of futsal!

Girls’ player of the week – Katie ‘Twin’ – she is one of the original girls from the very first session and always gives 100%, her technique is improving all the time and she loves to score!  Well done Katie.

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

The boys tried the same warm up as the girls but were more interested to see how many players they could trip up and get on the ground!  Oh well, boys will be boys!

With the same session as the girls, the boys found it a lot harder to control themselves when changing squares.  Most just chased the ball around the square for 30 seconds, then ran out of steam!  They found it hard to be patient and understand how their runs and body shape could dictate the play.  More work needed we think!  The attackers did well to keep the ball off the defender, but again they were very static in the square and just stood in a corner and their movement was not the greatest, regardless of how much promoting we gave them!  Might have to revisit this session next term…

The match proved much more successful with the boys now trying to use the futsal techniques more with most using the sole of their foot to control the ball.  Most have now stopped trying to run through the whole of the opposition without passing, which is a huge improvement on previous weeks, well done boys!

Boys’ player of the week – Oli – a great player with fantastic technique, he has started to apply the futsal skills he has learnt in these sessions, one for the future? Top man Oli.

We are always looking for new members! Why not beat the cold and continue playing all year round inside?

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