It might be cold outside, but the futsal was red hot in the sports hall.  The coaches sometimes moan at the oldest age group for taking half the session to get going, but today from the off, they all worked their socks off, fantastic to watch!

We had two new players come and try futsal for the first time – welcome Jessica and Zara, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

After a hilarious game of noughts and crosses, the first group continued their work on travelling with the ball.  They had safe areas on the court in which they couldn’t be tackled but had limited time to stay there.  Great play and some fantastic understanding of the game.  Due to the increase in numbers, we split the second group into 2 mini session – one concentrating on passing and movement, the other on 1v1 attacking and defending.  Some great thoughts throughout the session from so many players and we love a toe poke finish in the games! The last group were the stars today, full court 1v1 rotations, and not one of them gave up, stop running or complained.  They then finished with some of the best futsal game understanding we have seen for a very long time.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Player of the week for the first hour was Alice M-M – This is another young lady who is new to futsal, but she is another of our energiser bunnies – set her running and she just doesn’t stop!  She is also a fantastic tackler who never gives up, and does it all, with a huge smile on her face – top display Alice!

Player of the week for the second hour was Olivia A – When players use their heads as well as their feet, we are always doubly impressed.  In the 1v1s today, Olivia learnt very quickly and came up with a fantastic plan of her own to beat the opposition!  What a superstar, well played Olivia!

Player of the week for the third hour was Poppy G – What a session she had, we have never seen Poppy work this hard, especially out of possession. We counted at least 5 full court sprints, and not once did she give in, she just kept going.  The determination was just amazing, we think she will sleep well tonight – awesome job Poppy!

Final thoughts of a coach – Each week I keep a record of who attends and who is away, and look back at the previous weeks, months, and years to compare where the club is at.  Ask my wife and she will tell you I am constantly questioning if we offer value for money, are we too expensive, are the girls enjoying it, etc!  She will point out if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have the numbers we have.  A year ago, we were offering 2 hours of coaching and we are now fast approaching 4.  In the last year we have doubled the size of the club and added the ladies’ team which is looking very healthy.  I can’t help but question everything, it’s in my nature, but boy am I proud of what WE have achieved!  Thank you so much to everyone for all your amazing support!

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