In the first session of the new block, we asked the players to concentrate on looking after the ball.

We also had two sisters come down and try out Futsal for the first time – welcome Isabella and Naomi, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

After a warm up taken by Coach Katie, we got the players to work on 1v1s all over the court. They had red and blue bibs on, and had to try and run the ball through red or blue gates on the court. We progressed this to 2v2, and finally to everyone playing together. It is fantastic to see the way the players really try hard to keep the ball in play at all times, very impressive to watch.

In the games at the end we made the players have to have 2 touches – one to control the ball and the other to pass or shoot. This wasn’t easy at the start but they stuck with it and by the end of the session we saw some real progression from the girls.

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The warm up for the older group was led by Coach Paul and he had the girls playing on the full court with no tackling, which lead to some funny looks from the players! The next part was a 5v5 game, without goalkeepers, in which the attacking side had to occupy 4 areas of the court with at least one player before they could score. The defending team had to leave one player high up the court creating an overload for the team in possession. The girls struggled to use the court but again, by the end of the practice we saw some fab play with players making sure they were in the correct place on the court.

We finished with a normal game with the players limited to 2 touch. With so many new and younger players in this group it is always interesting to see how they respond to a challenge. Today, they did brilliant and the coaches were very impressed, well done to everyone!

Well done to Megan today moving up to the older group – you did fine and we hope you had fun!

First week back and some good work from everyone, albeit in a very hot sports hall! Have a good week and we will see you all next Sunday.

Player of the week for the younger group was Anna – Since joining us she has just got better and better each and every week. Today she really showed a desire to win the ball, putting in some fabulous tackling. Best performance to date and the future looks very bright for this young lady!

Player of the week for the older group was Emma – She decided to go in goal for a bit because her feet were hurting and boy, she was immense! The opposition just couldn’t score – she made save after save after save, even Dad was impressed! Well played, Emma, have we found a new position for you??

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