We started tonight’s warm up with the players doing the usual drills, not in a straight line but in a circle.  This just changed the girls movements and challenged them to try turning in a different direction.  The most fun was had when players had to chase each other around the outside of the circle – but only after being given a direction of either clockwise or anti-clockwise!  Some are still running the wrong way!

The main session was to develop the movement of the players when transferring the ball.  We set up two squares next to each other, in one square we played 4 reds against 1 yellow, with 3 yellows in the adjoining square.  If the yellow managed to pinch the ball they transferred it into the other square and moved to create the overload for yellows.  The reds could only move one player to try to win the ball back.  Back and forth the ball travelled as team won it back.  We worked with the players movement to receive the ball in the square, their observations to when the ball was being transferred and their combination play to keep the ball.  Some great passing and work from all the girls, great to watch.

Girls’ player of the week – Zoe – in the final match she never stopped running and created some great goalscoring opportunities – brilliant work and very well deserved Zoe!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

The boys did the same warm up as the girls and again some don’t know clockwise and anti-clockwise, we blame digital watches!

Same practise for the boys, who worked very well when in possession, they didn’t want to give it back.  The problem came when some of the boys didn’t want to work hard to get it back, and kind of gave up.  We changed the practise so 2 players could go into the opposite square to win the ball, this helped as it made it much harder on the opposition.  We think that some of the boys are starting to realise how physical the game of futsal is, with lots of running, especially when out of possession!

Boys’ player of the week – Sean – is very new to futsal and over the weeks has gained more and more confidence and started to really get involved.  The coaches have been very impressed by his new-found belief – well done Sean, keep it going!

We are always looking for new members! Why not beat the cold and continue playing all year round inside?

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