As is our club tradition, at the end of the year, we have a mini tournament with all the girls from every age group, and a couple of wild card teams of ‘Moms’ and ‘Dads’, coming together and just enjoying futsal.

The teams this time were –

Reds – Kimberly, Eleanor W, Clare, Orla, Jean and Sophie

Yellows – Hannah, Katie J, Emma, Mila and Lena

Blue – Ellie P, Emily-Sue, Katie H, Anna, Poppy and Amy

Orange – Summer, Ruby W, Lucy C, Isabelle and Sienna

Light Blue – Alice, Freya, Ruby N, Eva and Toni

Each team played each other in a 6 minute, or so, game in a round robin format.

Click here to see the pictures from the session

No player was allowed to score more than one goal in each game, and the Dads were not allowed to win a game – sorry, its in the rules!! After 21 games, lots of goals, and some seriously good refereeing by Coach Chris, with help from little refs Eva and Isabelle, the following table emerged –

So Kimberly and her Red team ran out winners, the only team not to lose a game! Dads, once again, won the wooden spoon – they need a serious look at squad selection and formations in games, pretty woeful to watch!!!

Special thank you to Adam for keeping score and working out the league table – even though we thought the Dads might have been better off with your silky skills on show!!

A huge thank you to each and everyone who came along today, and played the game in the greatest spirit, you are all superstars! We never take anyone for granted and the support we receive week in week out from all the players, parents and grandparents is simply amazing. We are truly blessed by all this, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Have an amazing Christmas, and even better New Year and we will see you all back on Sunday 12th January 2020!

Chris, Suzy and Simone xxx

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