Coach Suzy has started her FA Futsal Level 2 course, so was taking some time to hone her skills with the girls of Bootham Futsal Club.

We would also like to welcome another new girl trying futsal for the first time, welcome Katie (4), we hope you had fun!

Coach Suzy concentrated the session on running and dribbling with the ball. The younger players were challenged to run and collect cones, against other teams, against a series of challenges. The technique on display from the girls was brilliant to watch and we had some outstanding running with the ball.

The girls finished the session with a conditioned game, in which they had to run or pass the ball through either of 2 gates before they could go and score. At first the girls struggled but after a few attempts we saw some good futsal and some even better goals!

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

The older group worked on 2v2 possession in the centre of the court, using support play from a wide player. We worked on drawing the 2 defenders towards the attackers, creating space behind, before playing a wall pass with the outside player and going through to score. This is a very hard session for the girls to understand and execute, but they stuck at it and by the end we had some fantastic play.

In their game at the end, we played a normal game but you had to score with a one touch finish in the D. We are really working with the girls to support each other in every part of the court. So if one players breaks through, we have to make sure we get players nearer to her to support.

Another fantastic session, and especially on Father’s Day, thank you Dads for bringing your daughters! The support we receive week in week out is amazing. Thank you so much, see you all next week!

Player of the week for the younger group was Freya – she worked her socks off on Sunday, the sweat was pouring off! What a fantastic attitude and one many of the older players could learn from! Well done Freya!

Player of the week for the older group was Eleanor – towards the end of the session we asked her to really go and press to win the ball back. Boy, did she press, and in the process scored a couple of goals. Excellent attitude and brilliant to watch. What a performance Eleanor!

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