Numbers were a bit low tonight as the school is celebrating its 205th anniversary and some of the players were at the rehearsal at York Minister.

Both teams did the same warm up, with a short jog followed by some exercises – knees to chest, star jumps, jumping for a header, etc.  We then did a mirror drill where two players face each other across a set of cones and the leader, using feints and clever footwork has to get to the end of the cones before the follower.  Good fun to watch with the girls champion being Kimberly.

The girls worked on a defending an overload drill.  The girls were split into two sides of the court, playing 2v1 in one half and 1v1 in the other.  There was one player in the middle who was the extra player who supported the attackers in each half.  We had no goalkeepers so goals could only be scored from inside the D.  The ball was played to the centre extra player who joined with the other attackers to try to score as quick as possible.  Once the ball went dead, the middle extra player dribbled the ball from the goal across to the other half of the pitch and the session continued.

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

The boys worked on some running with the ball.  They had 5 balls lined up at one end of the court and had to run the full length of the court to try to score, run back and then go again, all against the clock.  This is not as easy as you think but top marks went to Oli with 4 goals and a fantastic time of 1 minute 4 seconds.  Special mention goes to Sam who scored 3 goals and had the same time as Oli.

In the final matches the girls’ game finished 3 all with every player scoring.  In the boys game it was 4 all with seconds remaining, when Sam went on a solo run and scored the winner for his team!

Girls’ player of the week – Katie – she showed good footwork all night, especially when playing with the boys, well done Katie!

Boys’ player of the week – Joel – he was the only player who attempted the running drill twice, great commitment and brilliant attitude, well done Joel.

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