After the third week of fundraising here are the fantastic people who have donated towards the purchase of the club defibrillator – you are all amazing people:-

Adam Holmes

Suzy Collins

Lizzey Oliver

Penny Toye

Rachel Carruthers

Amanda Smith

Chris Hitch

John Noble 

Richard Iggulden

Neil Purdy

Dave Shiel

Emma Shiel

Mark Preston

Carol Pearce

Craig Wilson

Lucyna Zareba

David Craggs

An Anonymous Parent

Ben Whitworth

Derek Bell

Mary Graves

Andrew Gorton

Mark Smith

Mark Lyons

Anna Sutcliffe

The amazing news is last week we smashed the £1000 barrier and have already ordered the defibrillator. We can’t believe it, we are speechless. As soon as it arrives we will upload pictures of it! It makes the 30x5k runs even more important to complete!

So, we have decided to continue with all the fund raising as planned. The idea now is to try and raise enough money to buy ANOTHER defibrillator and donate this to another organisation – school, futsal club, football club! We will ask for suggestions on who we can donate it to later in November. First suggest is Suzy’s primary school – Clifton Green. Let us know your thoughts?

In the meantime please, please, please continue to be generous with your donations and spread the word to everyone!

Current total stands at £1010.00

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page

Stay safe everyone, you are all amazing!

Coach Chris

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