We started this week with a shooting competition.  Players had to take a first right footed shot, then a left footed shot and then which ever foot they choose from the halfway line, before dribbling the 4th ball towards the goal.  The players were against the clock, so it was their choice to either go very fast or take their time but making sure they scored.  Top shots in this were James G, James H and Owen.

We moved onto a full court game in which two teams played a match.  On the coaches whistle, the team out of possession had the leave the court and the waiting team took their place.  The waiting team had to be concentrating all the time to know which way they are playing.  This a very physical game, with lots of recovery runs on and off the court.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We finished the session with one of Coach Chris’ favourite games.  The goals are placed about 10 metres apart and the simple object of the game is to shoot as quickly and early as possible using a one touch finish.  The players were challenged to create the opportunity very quickly and to not delay, but just take the shot! Goals were being scored from all over but the defenders and goalkeepers were also making remarkable blocks and saves.  Fantastic fun for everyone!

Player of the week was Abbi.  Throughout the session, Abbi made some fantastic saves, especially in the final quick fire game.  She really is one of the bravest female goalkeepers we have seen!  Top performance Abbi, well done!

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