Week 2 and still no new players!  A little disappointing but we had plenty of last years players turn up.  So for the time being, we will concentrate on them!

We started the evening with a simple passing pattern, which got progressively harder.  The players started well but struggled with multiple balls and changes of direction.  We have to remember the players come straight to practice after a long day at school, so at times concentrations levels can falter.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We then played some matches in which teams had to send two players to the opposition’s goal if they put the ball out of play.  Needless to say, teams really used this to their advantage and slowed the game right down when they needed a breather, great to watch and brilliant tactics.  Hard work for all involved but no-one complained, great attitude from all involved.

The final games showed some really good futsal from all involved.  Another great night at Manor, just a pity we can’t get the new Year 7s to get involved.

Player of the week was Sam.  His last second goal, a long distance lob, was worth the whole session on its own!  Great technique from a  seriously good player, awesome play, well done Sam!

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