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Tonight we wanted to give the players the most amount of time to actually play the game!  With only one week left in the school year and next week being the usual end of term tournament, tonight we just played!

After a speed warm up, getting the girls to do small sprints but in different directions, from forwards, backwards, to side to side, we got down to playing futsal.  It was brilliant to watch, the girls have improved so much since September last year!  Each player now looks comfortable on the ball, happy to control it before passing, shooting or running with the ball.  But also when the opportunity shows itself they are more than happy to shoot first time.

Best moment of the session was a great corner from Ruby that was met on the run by Kimberly with a great far post first time finish, fantastic to watch.

We welcomed two new boys to try futsal, namely Bailey and Adam, welcome guys!  The boys did some attacking outnumbered going from end to end of the court.  We started with 2v1, then 3v2, progressed to 4v3 and finally to 5v4.  Unfortunately the boys didn’t recover well enough and too many players just stood and watched their team mates doing all the work.  This was the theme for the whole session, players not having the right attitude in playing the game.

That said, stand out player was Joel who covered every metre of the pitch and worked very well in defence and attack.  He is one player who has really understood futsal as a new game and looks a very, very good player.

As coaches we have to remember that these are young players learning the game, and sometimes after a long day at school their mind-set is not as we would expect.  Never mind, one more week to go, lets see if we can end on a high.

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