Futsal returned to Manor CE Academy, and as this was the last session before the half term holiday, the coaches decided to make the session even more fun! The girls started with a game ‘King of the Ring’. This is a game that teaches the girls to look after their own ball while trying to steal their opponent’s. The girls got very competitive!

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

The session finished with Chris’s team Vs Suzy’s team, and a narrow win for Suzy! Lucy and Zoe showed great passing and tackling techniques and the girls are learning to be more patient in possession, and not trying to do everything themselves. Futsal is definitely a team game. Both coaches were very impressed with the girls’ determination and energy.


The boy’s session started with a 1 touch challenge over the length of the whole gym. This is a very hard work out with each player only having one touch/shot to try and score, and then to defend immediately!

In the final match of the half term Ruby, Katie and Kimberly joined in with the boys. So it was the girls with Coach Suzy, and Coach Chris, against the boys and Mr Foster. It was great to watch how the players had learnt over the previous four weeks how to keep the ball and use any overloads to create goal scoring opportunities.

Stand out player for the girls was Ruby, who had no fear and plenty of technique to trouble the boys on more than one occasion. Kaan for the boys has improved hugely and scored a couple of goals through the match.

Pro Coaching Academy have been blown away by the support and dedication of all the players from Manor CE Academy, they have all been a huge credit to the school, and at time of writing 2 new players have already signed up for the new sessions starting on Monday 2nd November.

Why not come along and have a go?  Its only £25 for 7 weeks or £4.50 per session.

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