Post ImageWeek eight of the futsal started with the girls working in a skills corridor. This is where the girls travel through a set of cones, trying the keep the ball away from a defender, Mr Foster in this case, who is trying to knock the ball out of the corridor! They all go together, so it is up to the girls to spot an opportunity of when to travel, using their skills and control. This progressed into the girls travelling both ways down the corridor and two defenders and using different skills, like only going backwards and using the side of their foot only. There were some great examples of the girls’ lateral thinking!

For the final 20 minutes we split again into 3 teams with Mr Foster, Mrs Collins and Coach Chris switching between the different sides. We have to be honest and say that the players are really learning to control and pass the ball well, and crucially not panic when in possession. They are starting to look like a futsal team!

Don’t fancy playing football outside in the cold and rain through winter? Why not come and have ago in the dry and warmth of the sports hall?

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

We wanted to work the boys hard this week so we did some full court futsal drills with them. First the boys take it in turn to attack the opposition’s goal, first 1v1, then 2v1, 2v2 and so on until everyone was on the court. They found this hard work, as after they had tried to score, the next ball was played in and the attacker then became a defender, running the full length of the court.

We then progressed this into some recovery runs for the defenders. All players start on a line 5 metres from one goal, with the attackers facing only 1 defender at the other end of the court. As the ball is played, the defenders must run back towards their own goal before recovering the other way to help the 1 defender. This is very hard work and we were impressed by the boys’ effort, well done!

Player of the Week for the Girls was Kayla – she has really improved from just kicking the ball away on her first few weeks to really trying to pass and control the ball at every opportunity. Fantastic improvement over the last 8 weeks, well done!

Kayla Award

Player of the Week for the Boys was Joel – his control and ball skills are amazing; he can run round everyone without even breaking sweat, and his finishing is not bad either! Great start to your futsal career Joel.

Joel Award



And we will leave the final note for the trampolining coaches!  Even they wanted to have a go at futsal, and enjoyed passing and shooting the futsal ball.  The coach tried 3 different balls, complaining that they were all flat, until he was told they are designed to be heavier to assist the players! 


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