We welcomed back the futsal players at Manor Futsal Club after the half term break, and welcomed new member Dan!  We also welcomed back Matthew, one of the original members from the first ever week of the Manor Futsal Club.  We gave him the ‘honour’ of leading the warm up, boy did he love using that whistle!

We played loads of games tonight, to get the players back into a futsal way of playing.  We started with some 5v5 games, lasting 3 minutes with no restrictions, and it was obvious that some of the players had defaulted into football minds, i.e. they kept the ball far too long, and tried shooting from long distance.  We changed the matches into 5 minutes games but you could only score in the D and if you scored with a one touch finish, it was worth 2 goals.  The play immediately improved and players were looking for passes and ways to get into the D quickly.  The girls who also play at Bootham Futsal Club, namely Kimberly, Phoebe, Ellen and Katie, looked very composed on the ball, and very rarely gave it away, lessons for the boys to learn.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished the session with some 2 minute – 2 touch games.  These are fast and furious and Coach Chris was penalising players for taking too long getting the ball back in!  Ruby scored an absolute cracker right at the end with a superb shot from between the halfway line and the D.  We had to end on that!

A good start to the half term with some good futsal being played.  The more restrictions we put on the players, the better the futsal ends up being!  Strangle that!  See you all next week.

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – She went in goal for pretty much the whole session and save of the night came when Mathew belted one from near halfway, and Abbi did amazing to get her body behind it and divert it wide, top goalkeeper, top girl!  Well done Abbi!

Boys’ player of the week – Dan – As the new player on the block, he never stopped running the whole session.  His recovery runs were fantastic and he had a real desire to score some goals.  Great start Dan, keep it going!

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