With a big girls football tournament being held in York on Sunday, we moved the first session of the new term to Friday night. We did have a fair few missing because of this, but the girls who came played superb. We would all like to welcome Jean to the club, well done and we hope you had fun!

The younger group started with some shooting, first one at a time and then two together and finally three at a time. Just to make it more confusing, we gave them multiple balls to play with! The girls showed fantastic desire to get to the ball first to try and score passed Kim in goal.

We played some 4 v4 games on the full court, without goalkeepers, and the girls could only score in the D with a one touch finish. What is really starting to show is the way the girls are really trying to keep the ball in the court at all times. Their passing has also improved so much, they are getting their heads up and actively looking for a team mate, just brilliant to watch.

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

The older group started with a 2v1 half court warm up. This progressed onto a 2v1 with a recovering defender. We worked on the attackers getting as high up the court as possible before the recovering defender became active.

We moved this onto a 2v2 with a defender starting on the goal line, and the other starting on halfway. After 3 seconds another defender and attacker entered the game. The main aim was for the attackers to be patient in possession, making sure they didn’t give the ball away cheaply.

In the games at the end, we again worked on being patient in possession, not forcing passes and giving the ball away. Asking defenders to drop really deep to receive the ball before starting an attack. After a bit of coaching and gentle reminders, the girls really played some good solid futsal, great to watch.

Player of the week for the younger group was Isabelle – she has joined only recently but boy, she has some confidence. She always gives a 100% and is not afraid to tackle anyone. Great start, keep up the great work Isabelle!

Player of the week for the older group was Hannah – one of the best defenders in the club, loves a tackle and never gives an inch in a 1v1 situation. She has really improved her position on the court and understanding of the game. Keep up the fantastic work Hannah!

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