Futsal Week 16

Tonight’s session was about being patient when out of possession.

It is very easy to chase around the court when you don’t have the ball, but as the players have got better at Futsal, their passing and movement is so much better, and they just pass the ball around you!

We talked with the players were the most dangerous area of the court was and how we could defend this better.  Were was it best to let the opposition have the ball and how could we allow this to happen?

As coaches we know that the defending side of Futsal is a hard topic for new players to understand, and we were interested to see how they all got on tonight.  The players, both boys and girls, who have played competitive football had a better understanding of when to pressure the player with the ball and when to occupy the space, being patient in the tackle.

The session was not a complete success and the coaches need to have a rethink on this topic.  That said, all the players really enjoyed the night and some showed some excellent defending, well done to all.

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