Over the weekend of 5th & 6th June, coaches Chris, Suzy, Ellie, Paul and Mark took 3 teams to the FA Pokemon Regional Finals at Northumbria University. It is the first time the club had managed to take 3 age groups to this stage of the competition and expectation was high for all involved.

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First up for the day were the U10s who got better and better as the day went on. They started slowly in their first two matches but by the last two could easily have won both games. They really worked hard all day and just didn’t have the luck their play deserved. Great lessons learnt by the whole squad.

The U10s were represented by Mollie C, Imogen B, Maisie M, Sophia C (Captain), Florence N, Freya L, Emily R, Jessica R and Georgia N.

Game 1 Vs Boldon CA Colts & Girls Youth – Lost 0-2

Game 2 Vs Lancashire Spitfires Girls – Lost 1-5 – Scorer: Freya L

Game 3 Vs Boldon CA Colts & Girls Youth – Lost 2-3 – Scorers: Freya L and Florence N

Game 4 Vs Lancashire Spitfires Girls – Lost 3-4 – Scorers: Imogen B x2 and Georgia

U10 Player Of The Tournament – Imogen B – she never stoped running from the moment the first whistle blew, and to top it off she scored two great goals in the last game. A great performance in every game and well deserved, Imogen!


The U12s will still be wondering how they didn’t win that first game – leading as they were 3 times. In the second game they gave away 2 sloppy goals at the start and then, as they were chasing the game, got picked off. In the last game, Sala were just too strong for them even though they did create several good chances to score. A real desire to come back next year for this group!

The U12s were represented by Sarah H, Heidi J, Jessica H, Martha P (Captain), Hattie F, Lacey B, Toni S, Emily H, Hannah B, Erin E and Poppy G.

Game 1 Vs Norton & Stockton Ancients – Lost 3-4 – Scorers: Poppy x2, Martha

Game 2 Vs Liverpool Feds U12s – Lost 1-6 – Scorer: Poppy

Game 03 Vs Sala Futsal U12s – Lost 0-6

U12 Player Of The Tournament – Jessica H – for one of the smallest players on the court she stood up to some big players today and made some stunning and brave last gasp tackles. She also played the ball of the day with a pass over the defence for Poppy to score. What an amazing day, simply brilliant, Jess!


The U14s were easily the better side in their first game but just could not get that elusive goal, only to concede with the last kick of the game! In the second game, they again played some brilliant futsal and really should have scored first, but lost to 3 well taken goals. The last game, the players ran out of steam after working so hard in the first two and Sala were ruthless in front of goal. Lots to take away and thoughts already to next season!

The U14s were represented by Lexie B, Katie H, Keira L, Sophie W, Megan G, Clare I, Heather S, Sophie T, Katie J and Natalie H.

Game 1 Vs Ouston Juniors U14s – Lost 0-1

Game 2 Vs Liverpool Feds U14s – Lost 0-3

Game 03 Vs Sala Futsal U14s – Lost 1-7 – Scorer: Heather S

U14 Player Of The Tournament – Megan G – she made superb save after save in all the matches and really gave the U14s a chance in all the games. She was so brave in the last game, diving at the feet of the on rushing players time and time again. Amazing performance from a superb goalkeeper!

There are more photos of the event on TeamApp under the Gallery tab

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