Welcome back everyone to the new term of futsal and we had pretty much everyone back!

We started with a few team warm ups, where players raced around some cones before trying to grab a bib.  You had 2 pairs working against each other, and the winners of the bibs, then went head to head in a 1v1.  The effort from all involved was fantastic and there were some very tight races, with some last grasp bib grabbing also!  We even got a master class on keepy-uppies from Izac!

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We moved on to a finishing session, where players went 1v1 to win the ball, the player that won the ball then joined with another attacker to try to score against the other player.  If the goalkeeper or defender won the ball they tried to score in the other goal.  The game continued until the ball went out of play.  This was progressed to a 2v2 with an extra attacker.  Some great one touch play from Harley, Leon and James G, but some equally good saves from Abbi in goal.

We finished with some full court games, but if you scored you had to run round both goals before you were back in play, allowing the opposition a chance of an overload and quick counter attack.  Again some great play from all involved and some fantastic recovery runs, with top goalscoring being shared between Leon and Reece.

A fantastic week with some great effort and brilliant attitude from all involved, see you all next week for more of the same please!

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – We run out of praise for this young lady, she is becoming a seriously good goalkeeper.  Recently the coach of York City Futsal Club said she could easily play in the boys futsal league, praise indeed! 

Boys’ player of the week – James G – He never stopped running all night, and created lots of goalscoring situations for all his team mates, even Coach Chris managed to score from one!  Well done James, keep up the hard work!

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