We started this week with a favourite game of Coach Chris.  The goals at both ends were brought in to make a very short court and the players were split into 2 teams.

Players were limited to 2 touch, 3 touch resulted in a sin-bin for the player!  They had to shoot from their own half, but could take any rebounds in the oppositions half with a one touch finish.  At first the players wanted far too long with the ball before shooting, and in the first 5 minutes we had very few goals.

But after a quick coaching tip, the players started shooting for all angles and positions, with some fantastic 1 touch finishes also.  Matt and Abbi in both goals were on top form and it was taking some real special shots to beat them.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished the session with some quick fire games, in which we played a 5v5 game on a full court, but all the players were limited to 2 touch only.  They also had a scoring zone in which they had to be in before they could shoot.

The games were quick, with 1 goal deciding the winner, who stayed on for the next game.  What really impressed us tonight was the way all the players just got on with the 2 touch game and played some fantastic futsal, brilliant to watch!

Another superb session, roll on next week for some more futsal!

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – In the quick shooting game, Abbi made save after save after save, she was unbelievable!  In the final matches, she then carried on the same form and was pretty much unbeatable, brilliant performance Abbi!

Boys’ player of the week – Owen – He really did put his body on the line when defending in the quick shooting game, never once turned away, and made some very brave blocks, top work Owen!

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