postWith Coach Suzy being away until next year it was left to Andy and Simon to run week 6 of the futsal at Manor CE Academy.

The girls warm up included a game of handball, that got very competitive.  The girls scored by passing the ball into their player who was stood in a target zone.  This moved on to the team in possession could only score by volleying the ball from the target zone into the goal.

Coach Andy used the benches again, and the girls started by controlling a ball passed against a bench before having a shot on at open goal.  This progressed to passing the ball against 2 benches, at different angles before having a shot on goal.  They finished their session with a very competitive game with top shot Zoe scoring a couple of crackers!

Players of the week – Katie S and Beth S – the twins, week in week out, work very hard and have improved from when we first met them last year!  Great work girls and thank you for all your support since the start.

The boys did the same bench exercises as the girls but were encouraged to use their weaker foot when the ball was on that side of their bodies.  To say they didn’t like this would be an understatement, lots of moaning about how hard it was!!  They progressed on to a dribbling drill, in which they had to dribble through two sets of cones before shooting from outside the area.

The game at the end included several conditions, you could only score with your left foot when in the final scoring zone; two benches were placed next to each side of the goal and players could only score with a rebound off the bench.  They were encouraged to finish first time whenever possible through out the match.

Player of the week – Logan – he has been ever-present since the start of term and never stops working.  He just needs to learn how to score passed Coach Suzy!  Great work Logan and keep on improving.

Another great session with all players giving it 100%.  Roll on next week for the end of term tournament – always a players favourite.

Everyone associated with Pro Coaching Academy would like to express their deepest condolences to Coach Suzy at this difficult family time, hurry back we all miss you loads!

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