With this being the last session before the half term break, we asked all the players at every age group to show us what they had!

After Paul’s warm up we split the younger group into 4 teams and played 6 minute matches with only one restriction – your team had 3 chances to use the sole of the foot to control the ball. On the fourth occasion your team forfeited the ball to the opposition. As you can imagine, at first the players failed repeatedly to use the correct technique. But, with huge credit to them all, they got there quicker than we thought. After a couple of games we also added that you could only score in the D, to stop the long range shooting. By the end of the session we saw a huge improvement in so many players, which shows we must hammer these specific futsal techniques.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Huge thank you to Paul for this weeks photos – they are fab! Also, a well done to Katie, Rueben and Andrew for being referees – see, its not that hard!

We were even harder on the older group – we only allowed them one failed sole of the foot control before they lost possession. Again, in the players defence, they adjusted very quickly and we got some very good futsal. One area we need to work on is their communication…it was deadly quiet…not a sound to be heard! For the last few games we removed the restrictions but asked the players to think about using the sole of their foot. This group has so much talent in it, and we are so hopefully they will progress to the ladies team in future years. For this reason we must continue to teach and master basic futsal skills.

We come to the end of another block of training. We had two very successful Pokemon tournaments within this block, and whereas at times the futsal wasn’t of the standard within these events we would have hoped, the team spirt and attitude of all the players was superb. I have two weeks off now to prepare the next block and we will definitely see some changes in the way I deliver the session. We also move to 3 hours for the first time in the clubs history – a huge step financially but for the right reasons. Fingers crossed we all move in the right direction. Thank you so much for all the amazing people I get the chance to work with each and every week! See you all in March!

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