PostWell, we have managed to get to the last half term of the school year!  What started out in September as a bit of an experiment has grown into a great club which played its first ever competitive matches at the back-end of last half term.  Huge thank you to all the support from North Yorkshire Sports, Sport England and of course Manor CE Academy.

In both the boys and girls, after a quick passing warm up, we carried on where we got to last time with using the corners of the court to create chances.  We played 4v2 with each of the 4 attackers having to stay in one corner of the court until they had managed to complete 5 passes.  We then looked for a good futsal finish with either a toe poke or a far post finish.  At first the players didn’t use the space they had in the squares, failing to create as much space as possible to receive a pass.  After a bit of coaching they got the 5 passes done easily and created some good goal scoring chances.

Click here to see more pictures from the latest futsal session.

For the girls in the final match Beth was brilliant at using the sole of her foot to control the ball and scored a couple of good goals.  Rachel ran everywhere as usual and always had a big smile on her face!

In the boys’ match, Lee was on fire and his passing and movement was the best he has ever done, very impressed coaches!

Afterwards the coaches Chris & Suzy commented that it was one of the most enjoyable sessions ever with every single player working so hard, especially as the hall was very warm, just look at the images and see all the red faces!

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