PostThe focus of this week was playing into the corners of the court and getting behind the defenders.  In futsal there is no offside so it is a great tactic to not only get the wrong side of a defender but also behind them.

The girls started with 4 players at the end of the court against 2 defenders.  At the first touch they ran to occupy a corner each of the court and had to complete 4 passes before they could attack Mr Foster in the goal and try to score.  At first, the girls took too long with their passes, waiting for the defenders to get close, but then they realised to get the 4 passes done quickly and then they could attack.  The girls needed to make sure the long passes were at pace and accurate, and also the receiving player had to have a good first touch.  Well played to Melody and Rachel for using the sole of the foot to control the ball.  It seems a very easy practise but takes some time to get all the elements to work correctly.

In the match we gave extra goals for any chances created from the corners of the court.  Zoe did particularly well at occupying a corner when her team was in possession.

Click here to see more pictures from the latest futsal session.

With the boys, we played a game where you had 3 teams of 3 on the court at the same time.  The yellow team defended one goal and were attacked by the oranges.  When oranges lost the ball, lost it out of play or scored, they surrendered possession and the yellows attacked the other goal defended by the non-bibs.  The game continued from end to end, with each team taking it in turns to attack a different opposition each time.

A big part of the game is remembering to not try to win the ball back when you lose it, but just surrendering it and getting yourself set to start defending.  At first the boys were very slow and predictable in the way they played, but again quickly realised they had to go at pace to not allow the defenders to get set.  They also needed to make sure they were patient in possession as they couldn’t win it back.  Oli and Joel played some fantastic combination play together.

In the final game we limited the players to 2 touches so they had to work very hard to create goalscoring opportunities, not something to Noah’s liking!!

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