With Manor CE Academy girls’ football team having an away match tonight, most of the girls were away, so we had the fantastic 3 left of Katie S, Abbi and Bob!  After a warm up, the girls did some 3v1 with the help of Mr Foster and Coach Suzy.  The girls were challenged to score in one goal, in half a court, against Mr Foster in goal.  There was a scoring zone that they had to get into before they could shoot.  We worked with them not getting in a straight line, but using the full width and depth of the court to make sure the defender didn’t get near the ball.  If the defender won the ball, they had two target goals to try and pass the ball through.  Top defender was Katie S, she worked very hard to stop the shots.  We progressed the session to using a one touch finish, this really challenged the girls and Mr Foster pulled off a couple of top saves.

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – normally a goalkeeper, tonight she gave everything as an outfield player and the coaches were seriously impressed by her attitude, top result Abbi!

After the boys warm up, they did one of Coach Chris’s favourite sessions!  Using only half a court and lots of footballs, they simply had to shoot and shoot early.  We challenged all the players to shoot as early as possible from anywhere on the half court.  At first the players tried to dribble the ball closer but we really wanted them to shot from anywhere!  We worked with players on getting their body shape right to hit the ball early without taking a touch.  We then progressed to shooting with only a one touch finish, so we were looking for little combination plays, 1:2s to set the ball for a quick shot.  Top shot on the night was Oli, with some crackers!

In the match at the end, we encouraged the players to continue to shoot when the opportunity presented itself.  We also worked with them to follow in to get any rebounds and simple tap ins.

Boys’ player of the week – Sam A – he is new to the futsal club but after only 2 weeks, the coaches have been very impressed by his attitude and techniques, great start Sam, and long may it continue!

Not many players tonight for various reasons, but everyone worked very hard and good session for all, thank you to everyone for their hard work!

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