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FA Learning LogoChris Collins has just passed the FA Level 1 Psychology Award. This is a brand new online course that Chris has been waiting to take for over a year now.

Chris commented ‘It helps you really understand the motivation behind why children play football, what they and their parents are expected, and how we as coaches can provide a safe and enjoyable environment.’

The course gives you an insight into developing the 5 ‘C’ – control, commitment, concentration, communication and confidence through coaching.

The course is available for any licensed FA coach and can be found through the brand new FA learning portal.  Have a look here for more information.

Have a look here for Chris Collins’s other FA qualifications.

He has recently completed the FA Coaching Disabled Footballers course and is awaiting his certificate.  Chris is half way through the FA Futsal Level 2 course, with the assessment at the beginning of November 2015.  He is also awaiting his assessment for the FA Advanced Youth Award and FA Youth Module 3 – Developing The Player award, which he hopes will be done before the end of 2015.  His Youth Module 3 log book was recently reviewed and he received great feedback stating ‘it showed a high level of knowledge.’

When asked what his plans for 2016 were he replied ‘ I have always wanted to apply for the UEFA B license and it is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  Hopefully now I can meet the requirements for the course, but I know it is very difficult to get a place.’

What can we say, busy coach!

  1. Afternoon,
    Can I run the L1 Psychology course to my Sports Academy Students (16-19yrs) at my FE college (West London College).
    I am delivering a Sports Psychology unit and this would be a useful add on for them.
    Q. Can this course be done online?
    Q. What is the cost of the course?
    Q. Would I need you to come into college to delivery a one or two day session?
    I have done my FA L4 Psychology course with Matt, so know a little about the course.
    I am looking to set up / run the course, deliver it etc from Sept to Dec.
    Any guidance appreciated.

    • Hi Darren

      The course was run through the Football Association, but I don’t think they are currently running it at the moment. Contact them directly and see if they can offer anything?



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