We started the girls’ and boys’ sessions with a very simple warm up exercise that has been providing great fun for coaches who try it.  It is so simple, a circle of cones with a player on all but one cone, and a player running round the outside of the cones trying to get to the unguarded cone.  The other players have to move around the outside to protect the cones – simple, or not as the case is!  For whatever reason the players struggled to work out when to move and when to stay put – great fun to watch and a brilliant little exercise.

Again we did the same practise with both groups – played a simple match but with one slight twist, two balls at the start.  Both goalkeepers get a ball and start play simultaneously, and you play until two goals are scored.  It is hard work to try to concentrate on both balls at the same time, one team thinks it is in control and suddenly a ball arrives in their goal!

The girls worked extremely hard to work as units to defend and attack, whereas the boys got one player to hold onto one ball until the other ball was finished with.  It was interesting to see how the groups approached the game with a different solution, fascinating to watch.

It was so hot in the gym and by the end of both sessions, the players were totally dead, some serious hard work tonight and great attitude from everyone.

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – apart from trying to kick Coach Chris at every possible opportunity, she worked so hard tonight and scored a couple of good futsal goals. Well played Kim!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

Boys’ player of the week – Owen – again, a player who worked so hard all night, he never stopped chasing and when in possession he always tried to pass the ball quickly, great to watch!

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