After a snowy weekend where some of the girls’ grassroots football was cancelled, the futsal went ahead, no problems, nice and dry, never postponed due to the weather, just saying…

No new players on trial this week but 3 new members to the club, taking us to the 70 mark! This is such an incredible support from the girls and their parents, utterly amazing, thank you!

After last week’s of player marking, today we moved on to thinking about positions on the court. We talked about and showed the safety, lateral, and high players and how they worked together. We whispered the ‘formation’ and ‘rotation’ word, but very quietly so as not to confuse the players! We asked the players to think much more about how they could use the court to their advantage. Some of the play today, especially from one group in the last hour was as good as anything the coaches have ever seen at the club – the patience, playing back, movement, passing and ultimate finishing was superb.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Player of the week for the first hour was Naomi L – She is such a character. One of the youngest in the group but never shy of saying what she thinks. I love the way she is always, and I mean always looking to ‘bend’ the rules in her favour. She is set to become our youngest ever 50th medal winner in the very near future. Amazing young lady, please never change, Naomi!

Player of the week for the second hour was Jessica W – Jess has improved so much as a goalkeeper, if only we could get her to bend her knees and then we would be making real progress! She is happy to throw herself around in the sports hall and her distribution is improving every week. Top job, Jess!

Player of the week for the third hour was Heidi J – Another one of our young goalkeepers, and again another one who is improving week on week. She is happy to ask questions and try things, not everything works, but the confidence to try is always there. Well played, Heidi!

Players of the week for the fourth hour was Evie C & Megan G – We are so lucky to have not one but two fabulous U16 goalkeepers. Both are very brave, brilliant shot stoppers and both are now having the confidence to be first receivers to start play, leaving their D and getting high up the court. So good to watch and brilliant for the future of the ladies’ team. Well played, Evie and Megan!

Final thoughts of a coach – the last 2 weeks have been building up to the moment we mentioned formation to the players. They had been asked to think about what we were working towards, the ideas, the process and the outcomes. I purposely didn’t mention the word but today the players said it, not me, they worked it out! It is brilliant when players go through a journey and they work out the answers.

I also had a very good chat with one of the U14s today about the sessions. She said, ‘I don’t learn anything when we don’t play matches.’ Interesting point, and one I listened to. I didn’t tell her she was wrong, but applauded her for having the confidence to tell me. We talked about various ideas and she gave some very good answers to what I asked, and in the end she understood that learning happens in lots of different ways.

As coaches we have to let players challenge us, let them say what they think and why! Believe me, I have learnt a lot about myself from these conversations. I am so privileged to coach such a talented, fun, dedicated and totally nuts bunch of young females. Sundays are such hard work…but I wouldn’t change them for anything!

See you all next week

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