On Saturday 22 April, Bootham Ladies had their final league game of the season at home to Warrington and as a special treat they asked 10 year old Isabelle to be their first ever match mascot. They picked her after her mom, Rebecca, posted a picture of Isabelle watching the cup game against East Riding on the internet and it went a bit viral, see the picture below!

Isabelle took part in the warm up, posed with the players, walked out with the squads, did the coin toss with captain Ellie, and at the end posed again with all the players from both teams. She was presented with a signed shirt from the whole squad and a bag of sweets for being amazing. As a fantastic touch, referee Ian Vaines also presented her with a yellow card, which Isabelle immediately used on her mom!

Needless to say, the club were delighted to welcome Isabelle and hope she had a very memorable day! The club would like to thank Warrington and both referees for helping to make Isabelle’s days so special.

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