What an amazing day at Bootham Futsal Club. We had 32 girls, yes that’s right, 32 girls playing futsal, a new club record! We welcomed yet another new player, hello Sienna, we hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you next week!

After a warm up run by coach Alan, in which the girls worked on their movement, we did a little bit of passing and controlling with the sole of the foot. We do little exercises like this to hammer home the basic futsal techniques.

We then split the girls into 5 teams and played some 2 minute matches, with teams playing 2 games back to back. There were no goalkeepers so we encouraged the girls to shoot as soon as possible. The teams were selected at random and after the first round of games, we spoke to the girls about communication – did they know the names of their team mates? We saw some fantastic futsal qualities being displayed today, from toe poke finishes, great recovery runs, one and two touch passing, to great team play. This younger group is such a delight to coach, thank you for all your very hard work!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

The older group worked on getting the ball back into play when the goalkeeper has it. Thank you to Damon Shaw for the idea of this session. The girls were split into 3 teams and played some 4 minute games.

The main aim was getting the ball back into play when we could guarantee keeping possession. This involved the outfield players setting up in specific positions and then responding to how the opposition marked or pressed them. It took some time but we did get some good play, very faithful to the game!

We finished with some normal futsal games, with no restrictions, but the coaches challenged the players to adopt some of the ideas they had been practising earlier. Needless to say, the players showed some fantastic learning, and we saw some outstanding game understanding!

Player of the week for the First Hour was Lyla – her energy and desire to score at one end, and then block the shot at the other end, was breathtaking to watch.  Considering she is so new to futsal, it looks like she has been playing it for years.  Great start to your futsal journey, Lyla!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Lily C – she is such a good football and futsal player, her understanding of the session today was simply brilliant.  If she carries on developing like this, a serious player for the future, well done Lily!

We have only 3 places left in each of the U10s, U12 and U16s age groups. Get in touch if you would like more information, and why not join one of the fastest growing girls only clubs in the area!

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