We are writing this post in response to a number of enquiries about the future of Bootham Girls’ Futsal Club.

Let us be absolutely clear, we will return when it is safe and when the FA say we can. We fully intend on running all the age groups as before, as well as the newly formed open aged ladies team.

No doubt you will have seen the guidelines from the FA on coaching football outside with the social distancing rules – unfortunately as we train inside, these do not apply to us. Also, until the schools and colleges reopen fully, and allow outside rentals of their premises, we have no options but to wait.

At this moment in time, we have no dates that we can publish or even guess at, but as soon as we know anything, we will let you all know. We are in constant communication with St Peter’s School about the sports hall and they are well aware we are desperate to get back!

When we do re-open, we will offer places to those members who were with us before the shut-down first, but we do envisage that we will have some spaces in some of the age groups. If you are interested in playing futsal, improving your techniques and having a good time, please get in touch. We are especially looking for open age, 16 year olds and above, players who want to try the game.

Please email info@procoachingacademy.co.uk for more information.

Thank you so much for all your patience in these extraordinary times, we miss you all loads and can’t wait to get back to coaching futsal.

Stay safe and well

Chris, Suzy and Simone

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