Pro Coaching Academy were delighted to be asked to showcase futsal to over 80 year 6 pupils on their induction days at Manor CE Academy.

So last week, Coach Chris, with an army of helpers ran three one hour sessions, two on Wednesday and one of Thursday.  Coach Suzy managed to be away on a school trip for the week, so missed all the fun.  There were over 25 pupils in each session and they represented  several different schools.

We started each session with the ‘infamous reaction game’, on to a bit of running and then quick chat about what futsal actually was.  The pupils then got into small groups and were asked to travel around the whole gym passing the ball between them.  We then challenged the groups to dribble through as many gates, laid out throughout the gym, as they could in 1 minute.  Finally, we challenged one player in the group to keep the ball off their team mates.  With so many bodies moving about the gym, it was pure chaos, but great to watch.

At the end, we split the boys and girls, and played some matches across the gym.  The standard of commitment from all was brilliant, plenty of red faces at the end of the hour.  The best feedback we received came from a girl who told us, ‘Football is rubbish but this was really cool!’

During the lunch break on Wednesday, we held an open session to see if anyone wanted to play futsal.  We had a fantastic response and ended up with a group of year 7 boys playing a fantastic match.  See the images below:

Looks like futsal is set to grow at Manor CE Academy – we have some amazing plans for next year, including a cup competition and girls’ centre of excellence, watch this space!

Special thank you to the following helpers – Kim, Zoe, Abbi, Matt, Finley, Sam, Luke, Joel, Oli and of course the legend that is Mr Foster!

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