After cancelling last week’s session due to Covid, Coach Chris was delighted to see so many of the players attend this week, especially as the school holidays had just started!

No new players this week, but still plenty of time to get involved with our fantastic futsal club before the season ends! If you are interested, please get in touch via email at or by mobile to 07720 441953!

As it was the last session before the Easter break, we asked the players to come up with a rule for each 5 minute game. The rule had to be futsal related and not be something that changed the game drastically! We got the following rules throughout the 3 sessions:

  • Two touch game
  • Only score in the D
  • All kick-ins go to Reds
  • Everyone, including the goalkeeper, in the opposition’s half before you can score
  • Katie J and Heather S can’t score
  • If you score, two defending players have to run round the attacker’s goal before back in play
  • If you don’t use the sole of your foot it is a free kick to the opposition

And my favourite was one team didn’t tell the opposition what the rule was, but said they had to work it out during the game from the decisions of the referee! Very clever indeed!

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

We have a two week break now but we will be back on the 24 April at the normal times. On the same day, the whole club is invited to go and watch York Futsal at York University, as well as the U14s playing a friendly against Elloughton Blackburn.

Final thoughts of a coach – It is always a challenge handing over a session to the players, letting them make the choices and seeing what happens. Today was a perfect example of this, and the players didn’t disappoint! I was so pleased to see the teams waiting to play, discussing what rules they were going to ‘invent’, and how this would benefit their team – did they want to stop the opposition in some way, or force a particular skill or decision. It is also interesting to see the players in smaller groups, those players who aren’t happy to speak in a larger group, finding their voices and joining in the discussions.

With the next round of the FA Pokemon Futsal Cup coming in June, the players are definitely upping their game. For the first time in several seasons we have more players per age group than we can take. Players have been told no one is guaranteed a place and who makes the squad will be based on their overall attitude over the coming month. Winning doesn’t bother me, I will only take players who will work their socks off for the shirt and be proud to represent the club – the results take care of themselves.

Have a fantastic Easter and see everyone later in the month – stay safe.

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