PostLast night at the Futsal club in Week 16, we decided to have a mini tournament.  We divided the girls up into teams of 3 with one of the coaches as the team captain.


The teams for the girls were as follows:

Chris’s Superstars – Coach Chris, Zoe, Kim and Beth S.

Suzy’s Angels – Coach Suzy, Lucy, Katie and Katie S.

Simon’s Techys – Mr Foster, Ruby, Rachel and Melody.

Each team played each other twice in a 5 minute game, with one touch finishing being worth 3 goals!

After some pretty amazing matches the results were as follows:

Round One

Chris’s Superstars 1 – Suzy’s Angels 0

Simon’s Techys 6 – Suzy’s Angels 2

Simon’s Techys 0 – Chris’s Superstars 0

Round Two

Chris’s Superstars 4 – Suzy’s Angels 1

Simon’s Techys 1 – Suzy’s Angels 5

Simon’s Techys 3 – Chris’s Superstars 2 (Last second 3 goal winner from Ruby!!)

So the final table was Chris and Simon equal top with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, while Suzy’s Angels finished with 1 win and 3 defeats.

So the champions were decided by a sudden death, first goal wins. It was a very tense affair with both sides creating good chances but just as we thought the game would finish a draw Kimberly came up with a thunderbolt finish to win the day!


So champions of the first ever Manor CE Academy Girls’ Futsal Tournament was Chris’s Superstars!

Click here for more images from the tournament night!


We did the same format for the boys, with the teams being as followed:

Chris’s Challengers – Coach Chris, Noah, Katie or Kim

Suzy’s Steelers – Coach Suzy, Lee and Sam

Simon’s Stars – Mr Foster, Joel and Luke

As with the girls the boys played some brilliant futsal with goal of the day going to Coach Suzy!

Round One

Chris’s Challengers 13 – Suzy’s Steelers 5

Simon’s Stars 7 – Suzy’s Steelers 1

Chris’s Challengers 6 – Simon’s Stars 0

Round Two

Chris’s Challengers 10 – Suzy’s Steelers 0

Simon’s Stars 5 – Suzy’s Steelers 8

Chris’s Challengers 6 – Simon’s Stars 5

The final table was Chris with 4 wins, while Suzy and Simon finished with 1 win and 3 defeats.

So champions of the first ever Manor CE Academy Boys’ Futsal Tournament was Chris’s Challengers!

All the players, boys and girls, really enjoyed the tournament, and really fancy having another go at being the best!  Watch this space!

Does your school fancy taking on the best of Manor CE Academy at Futsal?  If so, get in touch and we will sort it out!

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