HeaderAs part of the FA Girls’ Football week Pro Coaching Academy took certificates to all the girls they coach.  Here is the week in review!

ManorFirst in the week was Monday at Manor CE Academy Futsal Club.  Several of the girls were missing due to illness or the schools Bake Off competition.  Resident coach Suzy, is also a Teaching Assistant at the school, and not to be messed with as she is a black belt kickboxer!  The club has been running since September 2015 and the girls are desperate to play other schools in competitive matches!  Can you help?


AcademySecond stop was Monday night with Pro Coaching Girl’s Academy.  To say it was April, it was very cold so a huge thank you to the girls for all their hard work.  The girls recently got to the national finals in FA People’s Cup in Sheffield and can’t wait to go back next year for another crack, especially as they were U13s in an U14 competition.  The Academy is always looking for new players to join and would like to start a younger group, get in touch if you are interested?


HuntingtonThird stop on Wednesday was Huntington Futsal Club, only formed three weeks ago.  The club has 14 members, with two being Isobel and Grace!  Both are very comfortable playing with the boys and everyone treats them as just another player!  Again, we would love to develop a girls futsal club at the school, fancy a go?  Get in touch!


York RIWednesday evening, and the fourth session of the week was York Railway Institute U13 Girls training.  The girls have just won their third consecutive league title and have a cup final to look forward to on the 7th May.  The weather on Wednesday night was freezing and very wet but they all gave 100% and are a brilliant group to coach.  They move to 9v9 next season so know they have a lot of hard work to come over the summer months.


01Final stop of the week was Saturday morning and the last league game for York Railway Institute U13 Girls and their match against Bishopthorpe White Rose.  The girls won the game 2-0, with goals from Kimberly and Alexia, to finish the season with a perfect 15 out of 15 wins!  It was a really close game with Bishopthorpe giving York a run for their money, and the second goal was only scored in the very last-minute.


So, as you can see, a very busy week for the coaches at Pro Coaching Academy.  Anybody who wants to say girls can’t play football better be prepared to stand up to this lot!

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