The session started with a passing competition between two teams.  We set out a set of cones for each team to pass around, both against each other.  Each time a cone was hit, the offending team incurred a forfeit of 3 press-ups!  The passing patterns on their own are fairly straightforward but when it’s against another team, well, that’s a different matter…

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We moved onto a session where the court is divided up into 4 zones.  For a team to score, they must complete 2 passes in each zone before finishing with a one touch finish.  The team can complete the zones in any order but if the opposition intercept the ball, the process starts again.  This was progressed by saying to the team out of possession, if you intercept the ball in the opposition’s half, you only have to complete 1 pass in each of these two zones.  It was great to watch the way both teams set about working out these problems, both had totally different ideas on how to score.

Another fantastic session of futsal with some great techniques and also clever play from all the players in the group.

Player of the week was Owen.  He is one of the most consistent performers every week and always does it with a smile on his face.  He has really taken to futsal and improved massively since he started over a year ago.  Top player to coach and overall a fantastic person!  Well done Owen!

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