We officially welcomed new coach Alan to the club on Sunday, he is going to be a huge success and we are very lucky to have him.  We also had two girls trying futsal for the first time, welcome Ellie and Chelsea!  We hope you had fun and hope you come back very shortly.

After a brilliant warm up by Alan, the younger group worked on some passing patterns.  We have never done anything like this with this group before, and we were a little pensive to see how it would go!  We needn’t have worried, they did brilliant in all the patterns and concentrated really hard, great to watch.

We moved on to a counterattacking game in which play changed very quickly from one end of the court to the other in a 2v1, 1v2 format constantly.  The girls worked extremely hard to support when they had the overload but also to recover when they were outnumbered.

Fantastic attitude from the younger group, it is a real privilege to coach each and every one of them!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

We again repeated the session that the younger group had done with the older group, with a few small differences.  They completed a more technical passing pattern, but as with the younger ones, they did brilliant.

The pace of the counter-attacking game was amazing to watch.  Players were only replaced on the court when they had taken a shot and several ran themselves to a standstill, such was their commitment.  We finished with a game in which 1 team rested while the other 2 teams played a normal game.  On the coaches whistle the team out of possession was replaced by the team on the sidelines, but the game didn’t stop, so players had to be concentrating all the time.

Another fantastic session, with some outstanding performances from so many of the girls, at all ages.  It really is a special group and we are proud to be associated with them all.

Player of the week for the First Hour was Emma.  She worked really hard throughout the whole session and her futsal is really starting to come together.  Great start to your futsal journey Emma, keep doing your absolute best!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Eleanor.  She has only just joined the group this season and has made huge improvements already, in what is a very competitive group.  She ran her heart out in the counter-attacking exercise, all the coaches were seriously impressed! Well done Eleanor, keep up this brilliant start.

We will be starting an advertising campaign for recruitment in the New Year.  Places across the various age groups are now very limited, with the U16s completely full.  Get in touch if you would like more information, and why not join one of the fastest growing girls only clubs in the area!

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