Futsal at Manor CE Academy continued after the half term break.  We started the girls’ and boys’ sessions with a bit of toilet fun warm up!  It was a game of tag, but when you were tagged you had to put your hands in the air, asking to go for the toilet.  Then you had to hop on one leg to get untagged. Next you did a squat, as if sat on the toilet!  Finally, you put your hand out to the side, just like flushing the toilet to get untagged.  From the pictures it looks like everyone had plenty of fun with this warm up!

The girls worked on a passing and finishing.  The ball was played from a server, who passed into a middle player, who played it as quick as possible out to a wide player.  The wide player dribbled the ball through a set of cones and passed across the goal for the middle player to run on and finish with a first time shot, or even better toe poke!  They took a while to get used to the pattern, but when the they did, there was no stopping them.  Some great finishes with Phoebe scoring some brilliant first time goals.

In the end game, it was a close affair with plenty of goals for both sides.  Just as Coach Suzy called 20 seconds to go, a great move saw a floated cross to the far post and Kimberly scored with a header!

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – she ran all night and her last gasp header in the match was the icing on the cake for a brilliant night – top performance Kim!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

We worked on a recovery and overload session with the boys.  Two sets of cones were set 5 metres behind each goal, and the teams split equal with a target player in each goal.  Before a team could score, they had to complete 3 passes, then they passed from anywhere on the court to their target player.  He set the ball back first time for the player to run on and score in an unguarded goal.  This scorer then left the pitch and ran round one set of the cones before returning back onto court.  As soon as the goal was scored the opposition could restart with a new ball and attack with an overload.

The boys struggled to get the idea of getting the passes done as quick as possible, hitting the target player from anywhere on the court, and then to follow their pass.  We explained to them this was a lead up to playing the game of futsal with a pivot player.  When using a pivot you get the ball to them as soon as possible from any area of the court, but you then have to go and support.  We will have to go back and revisit this session later in the term.

Special mention goes to Owen who made some amazing tackles in the end match, two of them were real match winners.  Despite his heroics, the game finished 3-0 to the opposition!

Boys’ player of the week – Sam – he started running in the warm up and we don’t think he has stopped since!  Great effort and fantastic attitude, well done Sam!

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