As some of you will know coaches Chris and Suzy Collins are running this year’s Leeds Half Marathon in May, raising money for Parkinson’s UK.

This is a list of the amazing people who have so far sponsored them:

Jenny McNeil

Mary & Peter Graves

Karen Forrester

Iona Hamilton

David Cragg

Joe Petch

Richard Miller

Steve Mills

Diane, Mary and Richard

Kimberly Samson

Katie Samson

Robert Sedgwick

Ben Wallis

Steve, Debbie, Ben & Lexi Dawson

Thank you to each and every one of you for your very generous support!

So far we have raised an amazing £196.50!

But we still need more!

Chris has just gone through 150 training miles and Suzy has over 250 training miles in her legs with still over 3 months to go.  They calculate they will run between them nearly 1000 miles in preparation for the race!  How about someone sponsoring them 1p per mile in training?

As far as the bottle of champagne is going – we have had guesses from 3hrs 15mins to 1hr 45mins, so plenty of scope there!

If you donate only £2.50, you get to pick a finishing time, and whoever is closest to our averaged race finishing time wins a bottle of champagne, donated by Pro Coaching Academy!

Please sponsor Chris & Suzy by clicking here


You can now sponsor us with your mobile phone!

Text YKCC69 to 70070 with as little as £1.00, please help!


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