With the coaches taking the U10s and U12s to play friendly matches on Sunday, we brought forward the U14s and U16s training to Friday night at St Olave’s school.

We started with a short keep ball session, in which we played two teams in half a court, with the challenge to get to 10 consecutive passes. We moved onto a 1v1 session, in which the players run across the court, around 2 cones and then whoever gets the ball first has to try and score in the far goal. We worked on the player in possession staying facing the defender, and attacking at pace, and not turning their back.

We finished with two games – the first being a two touch game with a one touch finish, which we modified to any touch but a one touch finish in the D. The last game was played with a size 1 futsal ball, which the players called tiny! If you can play with this size ball you can play with anything, we told them. To be honest, they produced some fantastic futsal all night, regardless of what size ball used!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

Player of the week was Lily C – she ran the legs off coach Chris all night! We were seriously impressed by her work rate, especially out of possession but also the way she hunged the width of the court, making the best possible use of the ball when in possession. Fantatsic performance, well done Lily!

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