On Sunday 17 March 2019, Bootham Futsal Club had their first away friendly for the U10s and U12 teams. They were invited to play Hessle Sporting Rangers Ravens and Magpies at Hull University. Each game was 10 minutes long with a continuous clock.

The U10s were represented by Lyla, Ruby, Katie H, Anna, Sienna and Poppy.

The U12s were represented by Clare, Ella, Holly, Katie J, Emily-Sue, Freya, Elena, Sophie and Jessica.

Game 1 – U10s – Won 1-0 – Goal scored by Poppy

Game 2 – U12s – Lost 0-1 – Played well but just couldn’t score!

Game 3 – U12s – Lost 0-2 – Lost to two fantastic goals from Hessle.

Game 4 – U10s – Lost 0-2 – Good chances created in the game to score.

Game 5 – U12s – Won 5-0 – Goals from Freya x3, Sophie and Emily-Sue.

Game 6 – U10s – Lost 1-3 – Goal scored by Poppy.

Game 7 – U12s – Lost 0-2 – Really played well, just couldn’t score!

Game 8 – U10s – Drew 1-1 – Goal scored by Ruby.

Click here to see images from the U10s games

Click here to see images from the U12s games

Overall it was a very good day out for all the players, with lots of learning and more game experience under the belt. All the coaches were really pleased by the attitude and effort shown by all the players and each week we are getting that little bit better and better. Huge thank you to Danny and Dave at Hull Futsal for the invitation, and we look forward to welcoming them to York in the very near future.

Special thank you to Jessica in the U12s for helping us out!

Player of the matches for the U10s was Katie H – she worked her socks off both in attack and defence, being unlucky to not score on several occasions, and best of all, she does it all with a huge smile on her face! Fantastic performance, well played Katie!

Player of the matches for the U12s was Freya – she scored a wonderful hat-trick in game 5 and worked hard throughout. The coaches particularly liked the way she recovered back and made some important tackles. Well played Freya!

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