This was our second session with the U14s and U16s on a Friday night, with a fantastic turn out from both age groups. We had originally wanted to use these as extra training for the upcoming FA Futsal Youth Cup in Hull, but due to both teams already qualifying we decided to work a lot on the social corner!

We started with 2 fun warm ups in which there was hardly any cheating….OK there was loads, but as you can see from the above picture, we did have smiles aplenty!

We worked on some rotational 2v2s in quarter of a court, with 2 fantastic parents offering to be target practice, sorry, goalkeepers! Great play from the girls, working on getting behind the defenders and looking for second post finishes.

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

We finished with a conditioned game in which you always had to leave 2 players in the opposition’s half. So when in possession do you attack all out and play 4v2, knowing a bad pass or mistake and the opposition have 2 for the fast break, or are you a conservative, and mark the 2 players in your half? It was great to watch the girls try different solutions.

Player of the week was Drew – worked very hard to make sure the ball stayed in the opposition’s half when her team won it. She is a good solid defender who is learning to break lines and bring the ball out when it matters. Good session and well played Drew!

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