On Sunday 16 July, Bootham Girls’ & Ladies’ Futsal Club – York held its annual presentation day. The afternoon started with the girls and families having a game of 10 pin bowling, followed by a round of indoor golf. Top score for the bowling went to Coach Paul and best score for the golf went to Seyana. The whole club, including the ladies team then assembled to celebrate the amazing season and hand out the various awards. Over 100 players and proud parents came to support the club, needless to say it was a fantastic event!

Have a looked at some of the images from the day:

Bootham Girls Winners


Overall WinnerHighly CommendableHighly CommendableHighly Commendable
Isabelle SmithsonBillie AllanNaomi LunardiFlorence Lamont


Overall WinnerHighly CommendableHighly CommendableHighly Commendable
Mollie CoultateImogen BrookJessica HallLucy Christensen


Overall WinnerHighly CommendableHighly CommendableHighly Commendable
Hattie FormhalsKeira LeadbeaterMolly GoodallToni Shepherd


Overall WinnerHighly CommendableHighly CommendableHighly Commendable
Sophie TomlinsonKatie DuncanEsmee RibbonsFreya Devine
Overall Player Of The Season
Heather Smith

Bootham Ladies Winners

Players’ Player of the SeasonSupporters Player of the Year
Charlotte BroadEllie Whittaker
Young Player of the SeasonYoung Player of the Season
Katie SamsonKimberly Samson
Overall Player of the Season
Rowan Treagus

Other Award Winners

Respect AwardSmiler AwardPokémon Tournament Player
Jo BlockRosie DavisBillie Allan

There were also presentations to Emily-Sue, Clare and Kimberly for making their 150th appearance for the club, as well as graduation presents for our U16s – Ava, Esmee, Freya and Emily-Sue as they transfer to the ladies team. Thank you gifts for Paul and Aide for being amazing coaches throughout the season. There were also leaving gifts for Seyana, as she emigrates to America, and Coach Katie as she leaves to start university.

Final thoughts of a coach for the season – Phew…we got to the end…finally! Actually I know that sounds like it has been a chore, it honestly hasn’t. But I do believe that coaches need a break from the treadmill that is preparing and delivering sessions, just to recap, stand back and review what has gone before.

Having delivered over 250 hours of coaching in the last 10 months – including numerous sessions, matches, a month of Pokemon regional qualifiers and a full season of ladies home and away matches – it really is time to reflect.

Stand out moments for me – managing the ladies at St George’s Park to play a league game against Derby – hair on the back of my neck moment. The U16s beating a team who finished 4th in the UK last year to qualify for the next round of the Pokemon tournament. We welcomed so many new players, of all ages to our amazing club. The list is honestly endless…

We have so many plans, ideas, thoughts for next season, at times we are never sure what to do next! Thank you to each and everyone who is involved in the club, to Jasmine and all at North Riding County FA for all their support this season and every coach we have played against or with, you are all amazing. Six years ago we never thought it would grow into this. So, until we see everyone again on Sunday 10th September, have an amazing summer, stay safe and come back ready to play the most amazing game in the world.

In the words of Big Chris from the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels…’It’s been emotional…”

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