After a fantastic continuation to the new futsal season at Bootham Futsal Club, the coaches awarded the two most improved players, one from each hour, with a commemorative medal.

Younger Group – Holly U12

Holly has improved so much since the start of the year, we were blown away by the change! She has really improved her basic control and running with the ball. She is scoring lots of goals in training and has massively improved how she strikes the ball. Speaking to her parents she is yet to find a new grassroots football club after her old one folded. Any managers out there looking for an all action, non-stop fantastic female player, you can’t go much wrong with Holly!

Older Group – Hannah U14

The biggest difference Hannah has brought to her game is the physicality she plays with. Whereas some females struggle with using their body, especially when defending, Hannah, has started to really dominate opposition players on the court. She usually takes up the role of the back defender and boy is she hard to beat! The other major improvement is the way Hannah is looking to pass the ball much more. At the start of her Futsal journey, she used to just belt the ball away. Now, she really does think about passing the ball, brilliant to watch. Amazing change and now one of the strongest players in the group!

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