With the sports hall being hired out for a party and a huge bouncy castle needing to be blown up, we had to start the session 30 minutes early. Starting coaching at 8.30am on a Sunday morning was hard work, but the girls all arrived on time and we saw some superb futsal.

We continued the journey into the role of the pivot with the introduction of a false pivot and why this is important in certain parts of the game. We saw players start to look for a long early pass into the pivot player and then play off them. We also saw the goalkeepers going from front to back in to a pivot player, which was brilliant to see as we encourage them to make their own decisions on how to distribute the ball. Pivot play is hard and not something natural for players to pick up but we were delighted to see players really trying to understand the position and we are seeing improvements each week, hugely impressive.

layer of the week for the first hour was Mandy M – One of those players that does make much noise but each week she works her socks off and never stops trying. She has improved so much from when she started and is a pleasure to coach – well done Mandy!

Player of the week for the second hour was Toni S – This young lady is a bag of tricks! She can flick the ball over someones head, run rings round them and score goals for fun. She is starting to really stand out in her age group and one the ladies are definitely watching – the future looks good Toni!

Player of the week for the third hour was Martha P – One of the nicest players we have in the whole club, there is nothing she wouldn’t do to help another player. That said, she is also a pretty good futsal player and this week we saw how good she is at organising her team mates – captain of the future Martha!

Player of the week for the fourth hour was Mila L – Another player who has started to really show she has learnt the game and each week is showing she has a good eye for futsal. Her passing and movement are very good and she covers the court really well – another for the ladies, Mila!

Final thoughts of a coach – What a difference a week makes! Last week I was writing that one of the groups was not concentrating and causing the coaches a bit of trouble. Well this week, this same group, turned up and without being told organised two teams and started playing a game. They picked two captains, picked two teams and got playing. The coaches just sat back and watched, it was brilliant, simply brilliant. We let them play for 10 minutes before stepping in and continuing with the prepared session. Again, it just goes to show, let the players have some control and they will always amaze you! And best of all, they are the youngest group in the club!

We had a lovely comment this week from a parent about the oldest group, saying they had not seen them play for about a year and the improvements in all the players was amazing, they really enjoyed watching the session. I honestly believe you MUST at times stand back and let the players play. You can not interrupt the session every 5 minutes or so with instructions and coaching points – just let them play.

We have a cup quarter final for the ladies team this coming Saturday and would love all your support one last time this season. With a confirmed 3rd place in the league for the ladies, the cup is an added bonus, but we really could do with your support! Why not come down to the York City Stadium sports hall at 1.30pm and roar the ladies into the semi-finals?

Date – Saturday 6 May

Home Vs London Genesis Women Futsal

Venue – Better York Leisure Centre, Kathryn Avenue, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York YO32 9AF

Doors Open: 1.30pm

Kick Off: 2.00pm

And best of all, its FREE to watch!

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