We had a few players missing tonight with a school football match, but the rest were raring to go.

The warm up got the players to try to hold onto the ball for as long as possible, without putting it out of play, while being challenged by other players.  Overall winner was Ruby, great strength and technique.

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We then moved into smaller groups to play some 1v1s.  If the attacker scored, they got the ball back to go again, but this time against 2 defenders.  If they lost the ball, the defender became the attacker, but against a different defender, and we started again at 1v1.  The teams rotated through these different combinations.  We stressed to the players not to kick the ball out, but to be clever as both attackers and defenders, and try as hard as possible to keep the ball in play.

Click here to download a copy of this weeks session plan

We split the group in half and played some 3v3 across the sports hall.  The remaining players from the teams were stood next to the opponents’ goals.  If anyone put the ball out of play, they had to run to their team-mate, tag him and swap places.  This gave the opposition a very short 3v2 overload.  The games started slow, while players got used to the set up, but then got frantic as players were constantly changing with their team mates.  They started to learn not to put the ball out of play, or they had a short run to make!  Great attitude from all involved and some brilliant play to watch.  Players are beginning to use the overload chances they get, and to take care of the ball.

Click here to watch a short video of Ruby beating two defenders

To finish with we played some games in which we challenged the players to be brave and not kick the ball out of play, unless absolutely necessary.  It is great to watch the way the players are beginning to change the way they play, and learn futsal thinking.  The coaches love it!

Girls’ player of the week – Ruby – tonight was the best Ruby has ever been!  Pretty much ever present since the start of the Manor Futsal Club, she really is good enough to be at a Girls’ Regional Talent Centre.  Go Ruby!

Boys’ player of the week – Reece – he worked so hard tonight, covering all parts of the court, in all the separate exercises and matches, a fantastic attitude and brilliant to watch!  Well done Reece.

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