PostWith a school rounders match, we had reduced numbers tonight.  We centred the session on tactical work without the ball.

First we did the coaches’ favourite reaction drill, the girls loved it! We played two rounds with overall winner being Coach Suzy. We then split the girls into two teams and placed two different colour cones all over the futsal court.  The teams had 1 minute to turn as many of their oppositions’ cones over as possible.  A team was allowed to turn the cones back if they decided.  Before each new challenge the teams were given a minute to decide how they wanted to play.

To add the futsal element we then added a rule that said once you had turned a cone over, either attacking or defending, you have to make a recovery run back to your own goal line before you could turn another cone.  This is where the tactics started to come in with certain players being designated as attackers and others as defenders.  The final game was to recover your cones from the oppositions’ half of the court and get them back to your goal before you were tagged by the opposition.  Some serious cheating went on at this stage!

Click here to see some images from the afternoon’s session.

The girls finished with a match and some of the play was brilliant, especially from the yellows who were passing and moving around the court expertly.

We concentrated on combination play with the boys.  The main drill was to get a cross field pass with a player arriving at pace at the far post for a first time finish.  We wanted the players to really drive the cross field pass at pace, not allowing the goalkeeper to come out and intercept the ball, and the other player to time their arrival and finish first time.  The boys thought this would be simple and didn’t really concentrate, showing them that futsal is not as easy as they thought.

We did a couple of other passing combinations and again the boys struggled, not due to ability just down to concentration and application.  Not the best session we have ever had with the boys and all the coaches are hoping next week will be better!  Oh well, roll on next week!

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